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Detoxing your mind, body and soul with Takasa
Jan 13, 2024
Although more focus is put on making life changes at the start of the new year, anytime is good time to make simple changes to help detox your mind and body. Read on for 6 simple changes that can be effective in improving your day-to-day.
How to Wash and Care for Your Takasa Products
Nov 19, 2021
Laundry. Something we all have to do as a part of everyday living. Takasa products have been designed and curated for long-lasting durability and functionality, whilst maintaining a beautiful aesthetic. Here at Takasa, we have a few basic recommendations to help care for your purchases alongside encouraging a mindful approach to caring for the environment.
Takasa Organic and Fairtrade Cotton Baby Products
May 01, 2021
There’s nothing like making a positive impact while you shop! When choosing products for our little ones, we all want the very best, which is why buying organic is the way to go. We’re sharing three key benefits of going sustainable when choosing linens for your baby. 
Best Houseplants for bedroom
Jan 14, 2021
  Houseplants don’t just look beautiful—research shows that indoor greenery can help purify air, reduce...
Regulate your mood with Essential Oils
Dec 16, 2020
Whether you want to curb stress, feel relaxed or give yourself a burst of energy, we’re sharing some of our favourite essential oils to help you regulate your mood.
4 easy eco-friendly tweaks
Apr 24, 2020
It can feel overwhelming to make shifts so dramatically when it comes to everyday living. The good news is that you do not have to shift or change everything all at once.