Shopping Natural and Organic: 3 Benefits to Your Baby and You

Takasa Organic and Fairtrade Cotton Baby Products

Shopping Natural and Organic: 3 Benefits to Your Baby and You

There’s nothing like making a positive impact while you shop! When choosing products for our little ones, we all want the very best, which is why buying organic is the way to go. We’re sharing three key benefits of going sustainable when choosing linens for your baby. 

It’s Perfect for Sensitive Skin 

As we mentioned in our thread count post, our skin is the largest organ in our body, and a baby’s skin is tender, thinner and more sensitive than most. As they grow and develop, infants under the age of two are especially vulnerable to absorbing or inhaling toxins found in conventional cotton linens. 

Organic, GOTS certified cotton is made without pesticides and harsh chemicals. Recognised as the world’s leading processing standard for textiles made from organic fibres, GOTS certified products are free of allergens, carcinogens and toxic chemical residues that are harmful to our precious little ones. 

We’ve undergone the rigorous GOTS certification process because we want parents to feel confident that they are making a mindful, socially-conscious choice when choosing products for their newborns.

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It’s Higher Quality (and Cost-Effective!) 

While organic and eco-conscious products might cost a bit more, they are actually far more cost effective in the long run. 

According to The Guardian, conventional cotton accounts for just 2.5% of the planet’s total agricultural land, but uses 7% of all pesticides. In a nutshell, non-organic cotton is exposed to numerous chemicals, bleaches and dyes during production, making it a lot less durable over several washes. 

Since organic cotton is not treated with any artificial materials or softeners, it’s much sturdier and long-lasting. Products made with organic cotton also get naturally softer with every wash, leaving them super comfortable for your baby! Overall, organic linens last much longer, are higher quality, and a better investment.

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You’re Supporting the Environment



GOTS certified organic cotton is sustainable for your baby AND the earth your baby is inheriting. In other words, by shopping mindfully, you are making the world a better place for your babies to live and to grow. 

Organic cotton uses around 70% to 88% less water and around 60% less energy. That makes it great for the environment, especially for the soil! According to the Organic Trade Association, organic farming utilizes crop rotation strategies which helps keep the soil healthy, and healthy soil is great news for the climate. 

By shopping for organic products—especially cotton—you are also ensuring workers are paid a fair wage and are provided with excellent working conditions. Not only does growing organic cotton produce 94% less greenhouse gas emissions, but any and all hazardous materials are banned during the production and manufacturing of GOTS certified products. That means it’s safer for growers and farmers, too!

There you have it! Shopping organic is great for you and your precious young ones. Takasa’s Organic Baby line was crafted with care, using the highest quality organic materials. Check out our latest lineup of products, or read more about us in Our Musings!

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