6 Simple Ways to Detox Your Mind and Body

Detoxing your mind, body and soul with Takasa

Edited January 2022

It’s no secret that the last few years have been challenging for everyone. Now that we are in 2022, it’s the perfect opportunity to start fresh. 

We are all familiar with the term “detox”, but what does it truly mean? Most of us associate detoxing with fad diets meant to help cleanse the body of toxins, but these tend to be restrictive or impractical. Plus, it’s important to cleanse the body and the mind! 

We’re sharing a few simple and effective ways to detox your mind and body for the year ahead.

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Detox the Mind 

Take a Break From Your Screens

Research shows that due to the pandemic, our screen time has gone way up. As a result, we consume more social media and news than normal, which is impacting our mental health.  

When it comes to doing a digital detox, it can be tough to go cold turkey, so start small: 

  • Instead of scrolling through your phone before you sleep, grab a book and read a few chapters
  • Turn off alerts for news apps 
  • Delete social media apps from your phone for half a day (at least once a week)
  • Schedule more time with friends and loved ones (enjoy virtual dinners and game nights!)

Do What Brings You Joy


Emma Simpson - Unsplash
Photo: Emma Simpson - Unsplash


According to the Harvard Business Review, remote workers often work longer hours and feel more pressure to be productive.

As part of your detox goals for 2022, make having fun a priority! Give yourself at least one day a week where you don’t touch anything related to work, not even a quick scan of your email. Take this day to truly live in the present moment.

Fill the day with activities that bring you peace and happiness, whether it’s watching shows you love, riding your bike, calling friends, baking, writing, or even tidying up (yes, cleaning can be relaxing, too!). 

Make Self-Care Part of Your Regular Routine

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For self-care to be effective, you have to make it a regular priority, like brushing your teeth or going to sleep. But it involves more than a face mask and a scented candle! Here are a few of our favourite ways to practice self-care:

  • Be patient with yourself. As we navigate life in these strange times, remember that you are human and are doing the best you can
  • This year, try to sleep at least 30 minutes to one hour earlier every night
  • Find ways to help others or make them smile
  • Talk about your feelings with friends and loved ones
  • Make yourself laugh as often as you can!

Detox the Body

Take Up At Least One Physical Activity 

The pandemic has made it harder to exercise like we once did, especially during winter. But now more than ever, we must keep our bodies healthy and detox them from months of sedentary living. Once again, start small:

  • Exercise for thirty minutes a day. Use the elliptical in your home, take a walk around your neighbourhood, or watch a YouTube workout
  • Join a virtual workout class with a friend
  • Take up yoga in your living room

Meditate for Five Minutes a Day

Meditation can seem intimidating if you’re not familiar with it, but did you know even five minutes of meditation can be very effective? According to Headspace, meditating for just five minutes can improve focus, mood, immune function and sleep quality. 

Whether you opt for a guided meditation, visualization exercise or simply watch your breathing in silence, we recommend allocating five minutes a day (morning or night) to meditation.

Revamp Your Diet

Healthy eating is key to a healthy body, but with countless “detox diets” out there, which one should you choose? 

Skip the diet altogether! Maintain healthy eating long term by incorporating a few simple habits this year:

  • Wherever possible, shop organic. Start by purchasing organic produce to avoid consuming pesticides
  • If you’re feeling peckish, don’t bring the whole bag! Pour your (healthy) snack into a smaller bowl to control your portions
  • Eat slower. According to Healthline, hormones control your appetite. These hormones signal to your brain whether you’re hungry or full. Eating slower gives your brain time to perceive that you’re full!

There you have it! We hope these tips will help you detox for the new year! 

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