The Best Houseplants for Mind, Body and Soul

Best Houseplants for bedroom


Houseplants don’t just look beautifulresearch shows that indoor greenery can help purify air, reduce stress, and strengthen your overall mental health and wellbeing

Not only are houseplants an affordable way to cleanse a space, they’re also sustainable and easy to care for, even if you don’t have the greenest thumb! 

Whether you’re an expert plant parent or want to create your first at-home green oasis, here are 5 of the best indoor plants for mind, body and soul. 

Takasa - Lavender Plant


Famous as a natural relaxer and sleep remedy, most of us use lavender for aromatherapy or topical creams. But why not go straight to the source and add this gorgeous, brightly-coloured plant to your home?

According to a 2018 study published in Holistic Nursing Practice, patients who inhaled lavender ‘reduced anxiety levels and increased sleep quality’. Place a pot of lavender in your bedroom to brighten up your space, add some colour, and promote rest and relaxation as you sleep. 

Caring Tips per Farmer’s Almanac: 

  • Water once or twice a week
  • Place the pot in a south-facing window with as much light as possible
  • Water sparingly, as the plant will be dormant in the colder months
  • Yellowing leaves are a sign of overwatering

Spider Plants

Takasa - Spider Plant

Image credit: Lazy Flora

Don’t let the name frighten you! These charming, light-green plants are excellent air purifiersjust ask NASA. They’ve been known to absorb formaldehyde and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) from the air in your home (VOCs can be found in common household items like synthetic fabrics, grocery bags and more), and are very easy to care for. 

Spider plants get their name from the small white plantlets or flowers that grow out of the stems in the summer, resembling little spiders. But we promise, they’re cute, fluffy and completely harmless!

Caring Tips per Farmer’s Almanac:

  • Keep the soil moist during spring and summer to encourage growth
  • Water occasionally during initial growth, and moderately after they are fully developed (typically within one year) 
  • Maintain average room temperature (13–27°C)

Jade Plant

Takasa - Jade Plant

Part of the succulent family, the beautiful jade plant is strong and resilient, able to handle neglect better than most. Known in many cultures as a symbol of good luck and prosperity, jade plants are common air purifiers and can help increase humidity

Humidity is important in a home, especially during colder months (and while we battle COVID-19!), because dry air can aggravate respiratory problems and leave you susceptible to colds or the flu.

Caring Tips per Farmer’s Almanac:

  • Jade plants adapt well in warm, dry conditions
  • Keep the plant watered in spring and summer, and drier in fall and winter
  • Choose a wide and sturdy pot with a moderate depth; jade plants grow to be top-heavy and may tip over


Takasa - Orchid

These stunningly beautiful flowers need no introduction, and are a must for any home. Orchids, like many other houseplants, improve air quality at night, absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen after sunset. 

Store them in your bedroom, or wherever you spend the most time in the evenings, for a constant cycle of clean air and a bit of beauty to brighten up your day. 

Caring tips, per Farmer’s Almanac:

  • Store near bright, indirect light from an eastern or southern window 
  • Water early in the day with tepid water once a week in winter, and twice a week in warmer weather
  • Do not overwater


Takasa - Succulents

Succulents are chic, stylish and very easy to maintain. They’re a common design favourite, and look warm and welcoming on a desk, windowsill or bedside table. They are a near-perfect houseplant for new plant owners, as they can hold on to moisture for extended periods and don’t require as much care and attention. 

Many plants in the succulent family are popular for their healing properties. The most famous is Aloe Vera, a bold, lush and highly versatile succulent with a gelatinous material inside, used to treat burns and abrasions, or condition hair and skin. 

Caring tips per Farmer’s Almanac:

  • Store on a sunny windowsill
  • Water only once a week

There you have it! Whether you start small with an orchid in your bedroom, or opt for a larger indoor jungle, there are plenty of ways to reap the benefits of houseplants and cleanse your mind and body. 

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