mindful. sustainable. comfort
Now more than ever, conscientious consumers can choose to feel better about the quality and sustainability of the purchases they make. When buying Takasa, you can be sure you’re making a positive impact. Our products are made with 100% organic cotton and certified by the highest standards of global fair trade, so you can feel good while wrapped in our products, while feeling good about the impact your choices make to people and planet alike.

Hazardous pesticides are banned, making it safer for growers and farmers.
Growing organic cotton produces 94% less greenhouse gas emissions.
No forced labour, and no child labour. Ever.
Soil is nurtured, making it viable for the long term.
GOTS certified products are free of allergens, carcinogens and toxic chemical residues that could be harmful to humans.

Giving Back
Refueling the planet with every purchase:
One Tree Planted
For every purchase, Takasa plants a tree with One Tree Planted on your behalf. This furthers our deep commitment to environmental and social responsibility. Reforestation is a collective effort, and we strive to make an impact together with our customers, one tree at a time.
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