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imperfects + clearance sale

Sometimes we make improvements to items and still have some originals in stock. Other times, items get marked during shipping, opened by customs officials, returned but unused, or sometimes they do not meet our quality control. It does not sit well with us to dispose or return these items to our factories. So, we checked to make sure they are all usable and we are hoping to find a home for them to be cared in.

Takasa - mindful bedding and bath linens

certified organic + fairtrade cotton. free from harmful chemicals. ethically made.

Takasa - sustainable bedding

carbon neutral. one tree planted. sustainable packaging.


designed + crafted to last. softer with each wash

Imperfect and Clearance FAQs

An imperfect is an item that did not meet our strict quality control, but with no impact on the performance or use of the product. Some examples of imperfections may be a pulled thread, marks from a sewing machine and/or stitching that is not aligned.

Unused but opened items are items that have been opened due to various reasons, such as custom inspections, random quality control testing or it could be that they were used during a photoshoot.