Sleep Comfort 101 - Percale? Sateen? Flannel? Picking the right type of sheets for you!

Sleep comfort 101 - Percale, Sateen, Flannel, what do they all mean?

Sleep is essential for feeling refreshed, energized, and ready to tackle the day. When it comes to achieving a comfortable night's rest, along with having a consistent nightly routine, having the right type of bed sheets plays an important role. As a company that specializes in sleep with organic and Fairtrade Cotton, the type of weave you choose can be determined by how warm or cool you sleep, while also providing a level of comfort and luxury. 

What is a weave?

Oxford Dictionary defines a weave as follows: the crossing threads or narrow pieces of material across, over and under each other by hand or on a machine called a loom.

Takasa organic and Fairtrade Cotton bedding is currently available in three weaves:

Read below to see which weave is best for your sleep.

Naturally cooling sheets made with organic cotton

Our Cool + Crisp Percale weave is a crisp, lightweight cotton weave that is perfect for those who tend to sleep cool, as it allows air to circulate freely around the body, while still providing adequate warmth. It is characterized by a one-over-one-under weave that helps regulate your body temperature. In addition to its cooling properties, percale also has a smooth, matte finish - ideal for those who prefer a lighter fabric feel. Cool + Crisp percale is perfect for the summer months for most, and year round for those who tend to sleep warm but want to feel cool. i.e. Get these if you do not like sweating at night.

Takasa Cool + Crisp Percale - Natural Cooling Sheets 

Luxuriously soft organic sheets

On the other end of the spectrum, there is warm + luxurious sateen. This luxurious silk-like cotton weave is woven in such a way that at least three weft threads pass over one warp thread in each row. This results in a soft and silky texture with an iridescent sheen - perfect for those who enjoy drifting off to sleep whilst being wrapped in warm and luxurious feeling sheets. While sateen does provide breathability, it is best suited for those who like to sleep warm, as the weave can trap heat close to the body. 

Takasa organic soft and luxurious bed sheets

Breathable but warm organic cotton flannel sheets

Finally, if you are looking for something to keep you snug and cozy on cold winter evenings, then our warm + cozy flannel might just be the perfect choice. Our organic flannel is made from carded yarns which are spun together and brushed on both sides, resulting in a thicker fabric with dense fibers that trap air. This helps keep your body temperature regulated even when the temperature dips outdoors. Flannel gets softer with each wash, making it extra cozy as time goes on. Flannel is best for winter or the cooler months, or especially for those who like to sleep super warm. 

Takasa organic Flannel bed sheets

No matter what kind of sleep environment you prefer, there is sure to be a cotton weave that suits your custom needs. Whether you go with Takasa organic cool + crisp percale for cooler sleeping temperatures, or the silky softness of Takasa organic warm + luxurious sateen, or Takasa organic warm + cozy flannel for added warmth and comfort, choosing the right fabric can make all the difference when it comes to achieving sound sleep each and every night. Plus, all of Takasa's products are certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) and Fairtrade Cotton, giving you and the people crafting them a better, more sustainable sleep.

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