How to Create the Perfect At-Home Spa

Create a spa at home

When the weather gets colder, there’s nothing like a hot bath to rejuvenate the mind, body and soul. In the spirit of calm and tranquility, here’s how to create the perfect at-home spa.

Choose the Right Time

Takasa Bathing rituals - Photo by Ksenia Chernaya
Photo: Pexels - Credit: Ksenia Chernaya  

The purpose of a good bath is to relax the mind, soothe your muscles, and evoke a sense of calm. You deserve to enjoy this time without being rushed! 

Before hopping into the bath, choose a time that doesn’t clash with the rest of your day, perhaps in the evening or on a Sunday. 

However, don’t forget to listen to your mind and gut for cues when you feel it’s time to unwind. Trust your body’s signals if you feel it’s time for a luxury bath!


Set the Mood / Ambience

Takasa Bathing Rituals - Create your perfect at home spa - photo by Taryn Elliott
Photo: Pexels - Credit: Taryn Elliott

No at-home spa would be complete without the right ambience and proper pampering. Choose your favourite bath bombs, epsom salts or scented candles to create the perfect vibe. If you’re looking to relax with a calming scent, we LOVE this all-natural, 100% soy wax Lavender and Eucalyptus Candle from Vancouver’s own Kilig Candle Co.  

Next, grab your favourite beverage! We’re particularly in love with this blend of Jasmine Tea from Secret Garden Tea in Kerrisdale. Alternatively, opt for your favourite bubbly or a glass of sparkling water with lemon. Whatever suits your fancy!

Calm Your Mind

Takasa Bathing Rituals - create your perfect at home spa - Photo: Taryn Elliott 

Photo: Pexels - Credit: Taryn Elliott

2020 has been an eventful (and sometimes hectic!) year, and it’s important to give yourself a break from the outside world. While you’re in the bath, do a 5-minute breathing meditation. Inhale and exhale slowly, and as you do, focus on the sensation in your chest while you breathe. 

You don’t need to empty your mind completely! The goal of meditation is to take control of your thoughts before they have a chance to overwhelm you. A relaxing bath is the perfect time to refocus your mind. 

Dry Off with the Fluffiest Bath Towel 

Takasa Bathing Rituals to create the perfect at home spa - Photo Brit Gill

Photo: Takasa - @Brit_Gill  

After your serene bath, wrap yourself in a luxurious, super-fluffy towel as you prepare for sleep. We might be a little biased, but we definitely recommend Takasa’s Organic and Fairtrade Cotton Bath Towel set! 

Not only are they premium heavyweight and extremely soft, these plush 700 GSM towels are made with ultra-low twist for added absorbency, and gentle comfort while drying. 


Unwind in Bed with Crisp, Cool Sheets

Takasa Bathing Rituals - How to create the perfect at home spa - Photo Brit Gill

Once you’re all dry, it’s time for bed! Pull on your softest pajamas, complete your go-to skincare routine, and burrow into bed surrounded by crisp, cool Percale sheets.  

What makes Percale so special is it’s lightness, perfect for offsetting the heat of the bath and resting your mind as you wrap up the day. 

Before going to sleep, we like to repeat our favourite positive mantra, or mentally remind ourselves what we’re grateful for. 

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