Conscious Living

Conscious Living

Since when did sleeping and bathing become so complicated? We do these things everyday after all. We indulge in both without a second thought. They form part of a daily ritual and are equally an important part of life. Here at Takasa, the everyday plays a prominent part in who we are and what we do. We strive to take the guesswork out of eco-consumption. We acknowledge that conscious living is more important than ever, and that is why we have gone the extra mile to design and offer the most ethical, sustainable and eco-friendly products. We proudly stand beside like-minded companies, offering products that represent the very essence of conscious living.

Takasa Organic and Fairtrade Cotton Certified bedding


Shared Thoughts

Look around you and recognize the beauty that surrounds us. Those products that do not take into consideration the environment are so yesterday. The today is about looking after the tomorrow. Like us, we know that you want to feel good about the products you consume. It is our mission to help you build upon a lifestyle representative of mindful, sustainable comfort. We start by way of offering premium organic and Fairtrade home linens. Takasa organic cotton is grown, spun, milled and sewn without the use of dangerous chemicals and by people who work in safe conditions, earning a living wage. This means so much to us and is at the core of everything we do.

Step by Step

It can feel overwhelming to make shifts so dramatically when it comes to everyday living. The good news is that you do not have to shift or change everything all at once. A small shift or tweak in your day-to-day life, that will work towards improving your well-being alongside taking into consideration the environment and the people who make your products, is a win-win for all. The feel-good factor plays a huge part in living more consciously. That is, being aware of how your purchases make a difference to you, to your surroundings, and to people unknown to you. At Takasa, be rest assured that our organic cotton products support the farmers who grow the cotton, by strengthening the sustainability and profitability of their farming systems. 

Did you know?

Our skin is the largest organ our body has, and it has the amazing ability to soak things in. When it comes to using conventional bed and bath linens, made from conventional cotton, this is not so much a good thing. To be clear, the average person spends approximately one third of their life sleeping. Being wrapped up in conventional cotton bed sheets, day after day, year after year, can silently impact one’s health. Chemically-treated cotton, manufactured using harmful substances, can harm your body without you even knowing it. Our bodies are quick to absorb which means things can be knocked out of balance, simply because of what we are using and/or wearing. Also, since industrial farming practices contribute to large amounts of pollution, we are only manifesting this pollution by not buying organic. Being on the path to mindful consumption is one step closer to making things better for the world. There is a positive snowball effect that happens when you buy organic and Fairtrade. Here at Takasa, we bring you transparency in our product offerings. Traceability and accountability are important to us.

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